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Public Access to Arizona Criminal History

Research your own Arizona criminal history here: Public Access to Court Information

Yuma County Jail Log

View current charges, bail amount, date of booking, and next court date for current inmates: Jail Inquiry

DOC Inmate Search

Search for current AZ Dept. of Corrections' inmates and conviction, dates of release, contact information: Inmate Datasearch

Juvenile Law

Arizona Revised Statutes re: adoption, delinquencies, and dependencies ("CPS cases"): A.R.S. Title 8 - Child Safety

Criminal Law

Arizona Revised Statutes re: felony and misdemeanor offenses: Title 13 - Criminal Code

AZ Sentencing Chart

Range of sentencing for AZ criminal conviction: Criminal Code Sentencing Provisions 2017-2018

Bureau of Labor Statistics

You say you don't know what you want to be when you grow up and you're 35?  Check out U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

CDC Developmental Milestones for Your Child

Get the facts of how your children are developing in comparison to other kids their age.  Read more.